Getting Started

When your pillow arrives there are a few simple steps to take that will ensure everything is set up for optimal comfort.
Follow the steps bellow.

Washing: Our pillows are fully machine washable although you only need to wash the outer case, feel free to wash the two inserts as needed. Machine wash on cold and either hang dry or tumble dry on your lowest setting. Remember to remove the inserts and wash all pieces separately.


The SleepNow pillow has three different settings making it perfect for every sleep position and every body type. SleepNow has created an innovative pillow with a 3-in-1 constructions so you can choose between soft, medium, or firm, depending on your sleeping needs.

Adjusting Your Pillow

We understand that everyone is different and personal preferences play a role when it comes to comfort while you sleep.

SleepNow pillow comes with two softt inserts alerady inside your pillow. Each insert has a small tag on the side of it, one red and one blue. Once you have your pillow open, you can unzip the outer case and adjust how many inserts and which inserts you leave in the pillow. Below are some tips we have found for best results but definetly try a few and see what works best for YOU!


Leave the blue pillow inside and remove the red pillow insert. This is ideal for smaller individuals, stomach sleepers, and if you run hot at night. For stomach sleepers if your pillow is raised too high, over time it could cut off your circulation and cause serious injury to your neck.


Leave the red pillow inside and remove the blue pillow insert. This set up preferred by back sleepers, medium to largish builds, we also recommend trying this set up if you experience neck or upper back problems. This configuration works for smaller individuals who sleep on their side. If you are someone who changes positions a lot this is good setting to start with.


Leave both inserts inside. Perfect for side sleepers and people with a big and tall build. Also give this set up a try if you have experienced neck pain, shoulder pain, or back pain. The extra height from both inserts gives more support, better elevation, and can improve your posture.

Pro Tip: If you are a side sleeper and have removed one of the inserts try putting that insert between your knees or thighs. This can help lift your top leg which has proven to relieve stress on your lower back and hips. It also helps to keep your spine straight while you sleep.

Change the way you sleep with SleepNow